Reduces Heat Loss

Reduces Fuel Costs

Keeps Rooms Warm All Over

Lowers Noise Penetration

Here at Abplas we sell 3 different secondary glazing systems, each with their own advantages. Each system has been developed for the average DIY enthusiast to use in the home with the minimum of tools and effort to achieve a professional appearance. When fitted they are clean, unobtrusive and very efficient, reducing heat loss and therefore saving pounds in fuel bills. Draughts from windows are eliminated when fitted to the frame, noise levels reduced and more constant room temperatures achieved when using any of the three systems. Another advantage of using Easyglaze and Magnaglaze systems is their ability to be easily removed for cleaning, maintenance and throughout the Summer months.

Easyglaze - The Easyglaze double glazing system comprises two rigid PVC sections, a base section and a cover strip. It is available in 2.44m (8') lengths in white and brown. A length of mitre beading is also supplied to assist you in cutting neat, accurate corners. Easyglaze is fixed to the frame by a heavy duty double sided foam tape, which is mounted on the base section, providing you with a strong air tight seal.
The Easyglaze system can, in addition to the double sided tape, be pinned to the window to support oversize panels or thicker materials to aid soundproofing.

- The Magnaglaze magnetic system works in a similar way to the Easyglaze in that it is a self adhesive system which attaches to the perimeter of the acrylic and then to the window. The beauty of this system is that it can be removed so easily! Simply pull the magnetic strip, attached to the acrylic, away from the metal strip attached to the window it's as simple as that. To replace, simply align the strips and the magnetism pulls the sheet into place. The only downside to the magnetic system is that it will only hold up to 20 square feet of 2mm acrylic.

Superglaze - This comprises a strong, rigid PVC moulding which is cut, mitred and fitted around the edge of your glazing panel. This moulding is then screwed to the window frame through the open fixing channel and the screwheads are covered entirely by a cover strip giving the edging its neat, unobtrusive appearance. As well as giving an excellent secondary glazing effect, Superglaze also provides security allowing up to a 4mm thick pane to be installed without fixing holes eliminating a usually weak point.