A Little Bit About Our Company

Abplas are a family run business, established over 70 years ago. We originally started out making lampshades and jewellery! As the years passed we progressed into timber and DIY and finally concentrated our efforts on plastics. As plastics were a fairly new idea idea ‘back in the old days’ it took a while for people to realise the advantages of Perspex and plastic roofing as a viable alternative to glass.

We have survived seven decades, by always learning and coming up with new ways to solve problems. Our attitude enables us to present our customers with finished products that they are not only very happy with, but we are very proud of too.

Who We Are

We are a friendly, helpful team of problem solvers who all work with plastic on a daily basis. Therefore when you ring up to speak to us, whoever answers the phone from the Abplas team will be able to answer any questions you may have, and inform you about which of our products is most suitable for you.

We can create one-off pieces of fabrication or multiple exact copies of what you need. We regularly deal with a wide variety of businesses and individuals including set builders, caterers, exhibition companies, interior designers, shop fitters, architects, schools, hospitals and facilities managers.

Why Choose Us?

The Abplas team are experts at what we do. You will be able to consult us over the phone, by email or in person. Our knowledgeable team will not only listen to your ideas, but will offer even better solutions, when necessary. Our personal service means that we can advise you which of our materials are best suited to your job. We take pride in our work and offering a our high quality customer service, and as a result, we have many long standing customers who we enjoy working closely with.

Abplas Ltd is regularly featured in the media with contributions to adverts, shows and events including London Fashion Week. We are proud to supply some of the world’s most recognised brands including Nike, Selfridges, the Conrad Hotel Group, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, KPMG and John Lewis, to name but a few.