Abplas provide simple but very effective acrylic plastic secondary glazing solutions. If your original windows and doors are draughty or cold to touch and your energy bills are spiralling out of control then call us to discuss the various options available.

We also specialise in listed building solutions where double glazing is simply not an available option. Our solutions are also very effective at reducing street noise inside your home.

Benefits of acrylic plastic secondary glazing:

  • Reduces Heat Loss
  • Reduces Fuel Costs
  • Keeps Rooms Warm All Over
  • Lowers Noise Penetration

Our acrylic secondary glazing:

  • Is easy D.I.Y. installation and removal
  • A variety of options based on budget and technical ability
  • Everything you require is supplied, all materials are cut to size and can be delivered if required
  • Many customers order one small window to see the benefits before installing it throughout their house
  • Samples are available on request
  • Simple to quote over the phone or by email

For more information about secondary glazing: https://www.abplas.co.uk/secondary-glazing/

To get an idea of how to fit them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEBbSkjkCik