Our newly designed acrylic screens are designed with hair salons in mind…….

These screens have been designed to not only look good but to be practical too.

Design Features
  •  We have designed these acrylic screens to be very robust; their legs can be knocked and kicked and the screen with not crack.
  •  The sides are flush as the main panel does not protrude past the outside of the legs, making them less likely to be a knocked into.
  • The main panel sits 100mm off the floor, a design feature to making it easy to sweep and hoover underneath.
  • They come flat packed and are very easy to put together.
Practical features:
  •  The main panel slides into place and a clear retaining screw holds the legs securely in place. Once the screw is tightened the legs will not fall off, making it easy to move if required to do so.
  • The legs are made of solid 10mm thick acrylic and the main panel is a thickness of 5mm which means that it is very rigid. Thinner acrylic panels are likely to bend. 
  • The legs are 200mm wide at the base for a stable and secure footing. 

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This screen is taller but still robust and sturdy
Despite being taller than our original screens, our design still makes this screen robust and sturdy.

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