We were pleased to see that Elle Décor has named acrylic as one of the 7 best spring home décor trends to refresh your home.

As we have mentioned before, acrylic transmits more light than glass and so makes the perfect choice to use to lighten up any dark spaces. It also looks modern and stylish so is great to use for a variety of purposes both inside the home and outside in the garden. From shelves to wine racks and splash backs to balustrades acrylic has an array of uses. It can be used alongside other materials to compliment them or on its own.

Our vast knowledge and experience of using plastics will mean that any of our team will be able to offer you advice about which product is most suitable for the purpose you have in mind.

So if you are looking for a material that has optical clarity, heat resistant, hygienic, not sensitive to the suns rays, a good insulator and can be cut, glued, bent and fabricated….

Give us a ring to discuss ACRYLIC!