Abplas are very excited to announce we now able to produce direct media printing having taken delivery of a flatbed digital printer a few months ago. This enables us to print on the majority of our plastics, and up to a thickness of 5mm. We can produce prints on both a small and large scale.

An example of the high-quality images our new printer is able to produce.

An Example

Our direct media printer enables us to colour match and create a range of effects depending on the surface we chose to print on. For example, this 2.5D image was printed with black base colour on brushed silver aluminium composite material (ACM). When printing on ACM it is also possible to leave parts of the background free from ink to allow the metallic material to shine through.

What materials can we print on?

We have a lot of clear acrylics in stock to print on, in a range of thicknesses. We also have a variety of coloured sheets. Plus, we stock and can also print on polycarbonate, Foamex and ACM. If we haven’t got the colour or material, you require in stock we can always order it in for you.

What can direct media printers be used for?

Our direct media printer can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can create signage, displays, event centre pieces, artwork and splash backs, to name a few uses. The possibilities are endless. We are also able to create a textured surface by printing several layers of ink on the same area. This can be particularly effective for signage due to the fact it makes the letters stand out from the background.

This clip shows you how we would go about producing a textured image with our Mimaki printer. The most important thing to remember when selecting an image that is going to be printed in 2.5D is to choose a photo with lots of contrasting i.e. darker and lighter areas: https://youtu.be/QObYUuI05ak

Contact us to discuss your printing project in detail.