We supply bespoke lightboxes and LED lit cubes and plinths for a variety of customers such as retail and events companies. Therefore, because we make them to order we can supply these your exact specifications, be it size or colour, or both. All of our light boxes, cubes and plinths can be supplied with battery packs and a remote control. We can also use our Mimaki JFX-200 printer to print your logo or design directly on to the lightbox or cube.

Examples of bespoke LED lightboxes, cubes & plinths

Acrylic cubes we made which have been printed on to and are lit by LEDs.

An example of some of our previous work are these Perspex cubes. These were made to be used during an event as point of sale display stands. They measure 300mm x 300 x 300 mm and were made using 040 3mm Perspex. They are five sided LED lit mitred boxes, with a rechargeable power pack inside. This enables them to have over 8 hours run time at full brightness.

The cubes are printed on all sides using our flat bed printer. As they were printed direct to media no vinyl was applied and therefore all the logos are borderless.

Here is another example of our bespoke LED lightboxes. They were carefully colour matched for a clients colour scheme, and were used as part of an event stand. We made the clear cabinets for the top too. Acrylic hinges with magnetic catches or locks could be added to this design if required. We used our flat bed printer to print the graphics direct to media, thus eradicating any boarders that vinyl would leave in place.

We were contacted by a company who were looking to include some colour changing lightboxes in their shoot for their YouTube channel. They wanted to showcase some of their products.

These product plinths are RGB light changing. Perfect for catching customers’ attention and showing off products.