We stock a variety of opal plastics in matt and gloss versions. All of which we are happy to sell to you as a whole sheet or we can cut to the size you require. Or we can use opal materials to fabricate products such as light boxes, drinks bars or canape trays.

Icon to show the density and colour of frosted polar white matt opal

This is a sample of S2-030 which is a frosted matt polar white opal plastic. This product is often used to obscure views through windows.

an icon showing a sample of frosted matt acrylic

As above this is a sample of frosted matt acrylic but a clear version S2-000. This product is often used to obscure views through windows.

an icon to show the lightest gloss opal

This is a picture of the lightest gloss opal. This material is often used for light diffusers. It’s product code is 030.

This is an icon of a slightly whiter gloss opal.

This opal product, 040, is a slightly denser version of the gloss. Again it is often used for light diffusers.

A sample of milky white gloss opal

This icon is 050 which is a milky white gloss opal.

A picture of solid white gloss opal.

069 is a solid white gloss opal. It is available in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. Due to it’s density it is suitable for using for wall cladding and splashbacks as you can’t see through it.

This is a picture of a slightly duller opal.

This icon illustrates a slightly duller gloss opal plastic 1212. It is available in a thickness of 3mm or 5mm.

Other options of opal plastics we recommend are opal polycarbonate which is available in thicknesses of 3mm or 5mm. This product is perfect for use in communal areas, as a light diffuser. This is because it is class 1 fire rated.

We also stock S2 6T21 which is a glass effect opal which is frosted in appearance and is glacier green in colour.

To see examples of some of the bespoke products we offer have a look at this page: https://www.abplas.co.uk/bespoke-acrylic-products/ or have a look at our Instagram page: https://instagram.com/abplas?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Or if you have something specific in mind or need advice about a project please Contact us.