These points are equally applicable to fitting both bathroom and kitchen acrylic splashbacks….


  •  Install worktops before your acrylic splashbacks; this is the usual order of work, in most cases.
  • Preparation is everything so do make sure your wall surface is flat, clean and free of dust. Remove any flaky paint and fill any holes as necessary.
  • Do take the time to template accurately. Remember to include any measurements for plug sockets etc. Also include the height and length you need.
  • Do decide if you want your electrical faceplates sitting within your acrylic splashback or on top so that it protrudes slightly.
  • Do think about what thickness of splashbacks you would like. We suggest a minimum of 3-4mm.
  • Do think about colours. We supply a range of colours, but we can also advise you on how to paint the back of clear acrylic so that you can achieve any shade of colour you wish to. Or if you want to achieve a completely unique look you may want to consider printing onto your splashbacks.
  • Do apply sealant between the worksurface and splashback to stop any water creeping between where the two meet.
  • Do make sure you use the correct silicon when sticking your acrylic splashback to the wall; we have a full range in stock and we would be happy to discuss its application with you.


  • Don’t rush your templating. We will cut exactly to the measurements you provide so make sure you supply us with accurate measurements. If you have any queries about how to template, please give us a ring and we will be happy to answer your questions.
  •  Don’t forget to highlight any exposed edges which need polishing in your plans or on your template.
  •  Don’t forget when templating corners to subtract the thickness off the length of one panel, where two panels meet.
  • Don’t stick acrylic behind hobs or cookers. It is not fire safe. We have other products you can use instead, and we will be happy to discuss these with you if you send us an email or give us a ring.
  • Don’t use the wrong adhesive or you may find it starts eating into the acrylic or showing through it.

If you need any further clarification of any of these points please email us or give us a ring: Contact

This website is also great if you need more information about the pros and cons of acrylic splashbacks and gives you a step by step guide of exactly how to fit them: