As soon as we received a phone call asking for an immediate solution to protect Banksy’s ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’ we leapt into action….

Having listened to our client to ascertain what was required, we used our years of experience to quickly come up with a design we could both manufacture and install. Red Eight Gallery wanted to make sure Banksy’s piece was protected from vandalism and weather proof, without obscuring or distorting Banksy’s artwork. In addition, and most importantly, we needed to come up with an immediate solution that wouldn’t cause any damage during installation.

Although, it isn’t obvious from the photos we didn’t just use a sheet of Perspex®. Instead we fabricated a shallow acrylic Perspex® tray. This was the best solution for protecting Banksy’s artwork and could be simply held in place with standoffs.

We don’t usually work with an audience watching our every move; however it was nice to receive a round of applause when we’d finished! (Thank you Frank Leppard for capturing the whole event on camera.)

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