Have you ever wondered what acrylic fabrication is? Here is our definition….

Acrylic fabrication refers to the process of shaping and joining acrylic sheets or components to create various structures, designs, and products. Acrylic is a popular material for a wide range of applications due to its’ strength, clarity, and resistance to impact and weathering.

It typically involves cutting, shaping, bending, gluing, and finishing using a variety of techniques and tools. It is a very varied job in which we produce a very wide range of products.

Who are our customers?

Fabricating acrylic is a versatile process that allows for creating all sorts of items, such as boxes, signs, displays, protective shields and cases and point of sale units. Our customers are from a wide range of industries including retail, event organisers, catering companies, museum and gallery curators and film.

What do we fabricate?

We love our job as we never know what we will be creating from one day to the next! Our years of experience working with acrylic allow us to solve problems, design and build daily. Here are some examples of recent projects we have worked on. As you can see there is quite a variety!

We supplied an acrylic spade to be part of Motorhead's special edition pack to promote their new album. It is a planchette to be used with the Ouija board to spell out conversations.

We kept our laser cutter very busy during this job to produce the acrylic component for this ouija board game that forms part of Motorhead’s Seriously Bad Magic Boxset. We glued three points underneath to rest the spade on, in order for it to be moved around the board easily. https://motorheadmusic.tmstor.es/product/105858

Side profile of design solution for wine bottle stand.

We received a brief from a marketing company, who had developed a POS concept with their client for displaying wine bottles. They needed to bring the concept to life quickly. We recieved an image of what they wanted the POS to look like ultimately. The aim was to make an existing store fixture more interesting and informational. These display stands were fabricated with mitred corners and by gluing.

LED lit acrylic Google sign

Acrylic is often used to make signs, but other materials can be used too. This sign for Google has LED lights incorporated into it, to make it stand out even more.

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