We were recently approached by the critically acclaimed, London-based design agency Blond who collaborate with many of the world’s leading brands. On this occasion our brief was to bring their design concept to life, in the form of a great big acrylic box!

Blond’s design concept

This image is of a render sent by our clients Blond of their design concept. It features a very large acrylic box with a light box indside. We were asked to bring their design to life.

It was actually a box within a box.

When Blond approached us they explained that, “We are looking for a frosted clear plinth that contains a ‘floating’ glowing cube inside of it, as well as supporting an object on top it .”

So we fabricated a 24V colour changing light box. This was powered by a battery power bank and had a life of 18 hours, but obviously could be recharged as required. This sat inside the larger acrylic box and produced the desired affect.

Large acrylic box on a trolley in our workshop with Perspex film still on it.

The larger boxes measurements were approximately 1600 width x 800 depth x 850 height. It was fabricated using 15mm Frosted Clear Perspex 000S2.

Both of the boxes also needed to be robust enough to withstand transportation to Milan for The Milan Design Week. The box was being displayed in an exhibition featuring one of Blond’s clients. As you can see it was too heavy to move without some help.

The final box in situ in Milan

As you can see the final box we produced exactly matches the design brief we were given by Blond. Both Blond and Abplas were really pleased with the finished article.

Many thanks to Blond for sharing these images with us. To see more from Blonde: https://www.instagram.com/blondcreative/

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