Our client asked us to quote for two display cases and were happy to leave us to suggest which material would be the most appropriate for this job. Our brief was to make each box to be with material 8mm thick. The size of each being 550mm high, 1012 wide and 595mm deep.

After a discussion we provided two quotes. Both quotes were for the boxes to be made using 8mm clear acrylic. Additionally, in each case, four sides were to have mitred edges and be UV glued. The difference between each quote was that the first option was for a butt jointed lipped edge top panel. The second option was for a fully mitred box. Both methods give a beautifully high quality finish to a display case, however the lipped top option is slightly cheaper.

We find that many of our clients go for the butt jointed option, and they are always delighted with the outcome.

Here is a clip after we had finished fabricating one of the display cases to enable you to see the high quality of our work.

In this picture you can see the top of the case and how it was fabricated with a lipped top. You can also see the mitred edges.

To have a look at these display cases in situ: https://www.instagram.com/p/CxDvHWZIiuG/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

This image shows the top of the case and how it was fabricated with a lipped top.

Please contact us if you have a display case you wish us to fabricate: Contact

We make bespoke display cases to order and have experience fabricating a wide range of our sizes. One of our taller ones was for a person to stand inside of: https://www.abplas.co.uk/acrylic-box/