We were contacted by a marketing agency who were trying to turn around a project on extremely short notice for their client. They needed a fabrication company to design solutions, then build that element of their project.

The brief was for a wine client of theirs, who they had developed a POS concept with. They needed to bring the concept to life quickly. They sent us an image of what they wanted the POS to look like ultimately. The aim was to make an existing store fixture more interesting and informational. 

The aspect we were asked to help with was the production of the information card holder blocks, and the blocks supporting the angled wine bottles. They were planning on these being semi-permanent.

After receiving the initial email enquiry, we chatted through this brief, clarifying the dimensions required and exactly what they wanted.

Information Card Block

  • Angled plastic (or similar) block x3, one per shelf
  • Info cards x3 able to slide in from the bottom (sealed at the top to prevent removal)
  • Dimensions to fit into:
    • Depth: 8.5cm to fit behind the up-stands
    • Width: 32cm
    • Height: 33cm
Wine Bottle Holders
  • Angled plastic display holder for one bottle
  • This gondola is on a boat; so the stability of the angled bottle is key
  • Shelves measure: 470×650 with 6 facings
  • Display to alternate between upright and angled x3 each per shelf (x9 total)
  • Dimensions to fit into:
    • Depth: 470mm
    • Width: 108mm
    • Height: 400mm

We were given pictures of what they wanted the final piece to look like and a birds eye view of the shelf to refer to.

image shows the vision of the gondola our clients provided us with
our clients provided us with this image of how they visualised the gondola to ultimately look.
An image provided to us by our clients of a birds eye view of the design of the shelf.
A birds eye view of the shelf given to us by our clients for us to refer to.

Here are photos of the point of sale design solution we were able to produce in response to the brief. Our clients were very pleased with the quality of our fabrication and how we fulfilled the quick turnaround required. We were able to find design solutions that were not only fit for purpose, but looked good too.

Whenever possible we always try to help our customers by working to their deadline, but only if this doesn’t compromise the standard of our work.

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