Acrylic Signage and Display Cabinets for Beardmore’s Event Stand.

We really enjoyed producing acrylic signage and display cabinets for Beardmore’s event stand recently. Beardmore door furniture, decorative grilles and electrical fittings grace the grandest public buildings and finest homes in Britain and abroad.

This was a great project to work on as the client gave us creative license to produce a sign using their logo. They trusted us to stay true to their brand, and colour scheme. This was a technically challenging project, with a variety of aspects, incorporating LEDs and making sure all components were finished to a high standard; reflecting the quality of The Beardmore brand. It was great to work for a likeminded company who pride themselves on their workmanship just as we do.

With all our bespoke projects, we can work from a supplied drawing or produce one for you. We are plastic fabrication specialists who have a flair for design and a great attention to detail.

More examples of our bespoke signage can be found here: