Abplas have been delighted to be called upon several times by Red Eight Gallery to protect Banksy’s ‘Valentines Day Mascara’. Initially we were contacted when this piece appeared on Valentines Day 2023 in Margate; highlighting the very serious issue of domestic abuse. We had to provide an immediate solution to make sure Banksy’s art was protected from the elements. We designed and built a bespoke protective cover to do the job. To see some photographs of this stage please follow this link: https://www.abplas.co.uk/immediate-solution/

Once this initial stage was complete we were asked to help again. This time to design a more permanent protective cover. This would be fitted once the piece had been removed and placed in it’s new home, Dreamland in Margate.

Our brief was to design and build a robust protective screen. It had to be effective without obscuring or distorting Banksy’s art work. The acrylic we use to fabricate our protective screens, covers and display cases is museum grade, thus providing optimal clarity when viewed through.

We certainly felt the enormity of the project , when fitting our work. We definitely didn’t want to cause any damage!

Picture showing Banksy's artwork entitled 'Valentine's Day Mascara' being included in an exhibition of Banksy's work in London. We have produced the acrylic screen protecting it.

Most recently, we were contacted again by Red Eight Gallery to remove our screen prior to ‘Valentines day Mascara’ being relocated to Regents Street in London. We then had to refit our Perspex screen once it was it in situ. ‘Valentines Day Mascara’ is currently being included in ‘The Art of Banksy’ exhibition. To find out more about the exhibition follow this link: https://artofbanksy.co.uk/

We always like receiving repeat business as it demonstrates that our customers are happy with our work.

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