At this year’s Chelsea Flower Show we spotted examples of gardeners incorporating acrylic into garden design

One example of incorporating acrylic into garden design was the Pearlfisher Garden. We were honoured to supply the Pearlfisher Team with acrylic panels for their under water world design at The Chelsea Flower Show. We were thrilled to hear that the Pearlfisher team and John Warland had received a gold award for their garden, and we were delighted to get the opportunity to see it in person. We supplied the Pearlfisher team with blue acrylic panels to help create the illusion of feeling as if you were actually underwater. This is an example of how effectively coloured acrylic can be incorporated into garden design.

Blue Acrylic Panels in The Pearlfisher Garden

What are the benefits of incorporating acrylic in garden design?

Acrylic panels are not only exceptionally weatherproof, they are also strong and very versatile. They can be transparent, opaque and coloured.  Clear acrylic sheet exhibits glass-like qualities demonstrating clarity, brilliance, transparency, translucence – at half the weight with up to 10 times the impact resistance. It can be tinted or coloured, mirrored or opaque. Acrylic is a thermoplastic substance; therefore it softens under extremely high temperatures and can be formed to virtually any shape.

Use of mirrored acrylic in garden design

Acrylic mirror is also weather resistant and over ten times stronger than glass making it ideal for use outside. It can add give a garden a completely different dimension, especially if your garden is very small as, when used correctly, acrylic mirrored panels can give an illusion that a garden is much bigger than in reality. Mirrors work best in the garden when there are lots of plants growing around them so that they blend in with the background.

Other ways to incorporate acrylic into garden design

Whilst we were at the Chelsea Flower Show we enjoyed seeing other examples of how other gardeners had incorporated acrylic into their garden designs. As well as coloured and mirrored panels acrylic can be also be cut, bent, drilled, engraved and glued to create a wide variety of designs and sculptures.

As John Everies, who created design for The Myeloma Garden at The Chelsea Flower Show said, “Using sculpture in a garden will create drama and act as a focal point. Sculptures give a garden personality and bring a new dimension to any outdoor space. And whatever material they are made from, sculptures come alive when they are surrounded by plants.”

Acrylic panels, mirrors and sculptures will enable your garden to stand out from the crowd. Contact us at Abplas and we will be able to advise you which materials and design will give you the desired effect.

Acrylic Sculpture in The Myeloma UK Garden