At our London plastics company we decided to start the New Year with a new work force!

  • Do they know we are a London plastics company with the ability to supply plastic throughout the UK and beyond?
  • Will they be able to operate the phone system?
  • How will they get to grips with operating our CNC and laser machines?
  • Can they learn how to cut, glue, bend and fabricate plastics to our high standards?
  • Will they learn our pricing structure and understand that we stock a wide variety of plastic sheeting?
  • Have they looked closely at our colour swatches to know the range of colours we sell?
  • Do they know how to work from cad file specifications?
  • How will they advise customers about our cladding, glazing and roofing solutions?
  • Can they offer the same expert advice as us when discussing our design and build service with customers?
  • Do they know we are accredited by Perspex as an approved fabricator of their material?
  • Will they be able to explain the different types of acrylic panels and wall cladding we offer to homes, schools, offices, commercial kitchens and gymnasiums?






Stay tuned to find out more…….!